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Mrs. Harbian


Because of the many exciting changes that occur during the middle school years, there are many different reasons you may wish to talk to me.  During this passage from childhood to adolescence, middle school students are characterized by a need to explore a variety of interests, connecting their learning in the classroom to practical applications in life and work; high levels of activity coupled with frequent fatigue due to rapid growth; a search for own unique identity as you begin turning to peers rather than parents for ideas and affirmation; extreme sensitivity to the comments from others; and heavy reliance on friends to provide comfort, understanding and approval.

It is my passion to help all students develop social and academic abilities and provide necessary tools to be successful in achieving their highest potential. Please see me if you feel confused, sad, or lonely. I can also help you if you have a problem with a friend, teacher, or family member or if you just need someone to talk to.       

Looking forward to a great year at Etowah Middle School!

Mrs. Harbian